WSS provides affordable and exceptional environmental consulting services to achieve effective and sensible solutions. Nationwide services cover the following matters:

Federal Clean Water Act
Jurisdiction, Permitting, and Enforcement

  • Jurisdictional evaluations to determine the geographic extent of Waters of the U.S., as well as whether activities to be performed are regulated
  • Identification of wetlands, streams/rivers, and other aquatic resources
  • Section 404 permitting strategies, including alternatives analyses, adverse impact minimization, and practical compensatory mitigation approaches
  • Enforcement case review and assessment, response strategies, and potential outcome options
  • Coordination and negotiation with federal regulatory agencies
  • Review & critique of NEPA projects and related documents

State and Local Regulation

  • Permitting strategies and assistance with the permit process
  • Enforcement strategies and assistance with case assessment, response, and potential outcomes
  • Coordination and negotiation with state and local regulatory agencies

Ecological Assessment and Management

  • Coastal and Inland waters, wetlands and other aquatic resources
  • Identification and delineation of resources
  • Restoration and creation conceptual plan design, monitoring plan development and implementation
  • Ecological health and condition assessment of resources
  • Ecological function/services and impact assessment
  • Natural Resource Damage Assessment
  • Ecological Risk Assessment

Vernal and other Seasonal Pools

  • Identification and ecological assessment
  • Protection strategies
  • Conceptual plans for restoration and creation

Fish and Wildlife Biology

  • General species surveys
  • Habitat assessment
  • State and federal threatened and endangered species surveys and assessments

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and equivalent State processes

  • Assistance with project planning for and/or review of Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Support

  • Delineation of affected wetlands and other aquatic resources
  • Ecological assessment of affected wetlands and other aquatic resources
  • Conceptual design, plan review, construction and post-construction monitoring for wetland and other aquatic resources restoration, enhancement, and creation
  • Evaluation and monitoring of erosion and sediment control practices


  • Identification and delineation of wetlands and other aquatic resources
  • Restoration and creation of wetlands and other aquatic resources
  • Ecology of wetlands and other aquatic resources
  • Monitoring and condition assessment of wetlands
  • Clean Water Act section 404 regulations

Expert Witness Services

  • Testimony development, report writing, court testimony
  • Expert witness team development and management
  • Expert witness preparation

Third Party Consultations / Services

  • Independent, confidential review and consultation on a one-time or continuing basis
  • Monitoring of compensatory mitigation projects